Essentially there is a sensor for every problem. Using IOT sensors provides our customers with an agile, fast and simple way to deploy sensors throughout your building portfolio. Using the Azolla rule engine customers can decide what to measure, how often, and when an alert should be triggered. A single sensor can have multiple tolerance values and each alert can be routed to a different person ensuring that the correct person is deployed to resolve the issue.

Sensor technology is constantly evolving and every problem has a potential solution. You just need to talk to the correct person that understands your problem and can give you the best advice.


For Your Facility:


Occupancy Sensors:

Wirelessly monitor motion by people and map each area accessed across time. You can also measure motion, temperature, and humidity with one sensor. These passive infrared (PIR) sensing solutions help boost security, protect key assets, and maintain climate conditions.

Contact Sensors:

Occupancy can be tracked in a number of ways from heat detection to door opening and closing. People count data can then be used to trigger on-demand cleaning requests within restrooms or shared areas with automated email alerts requiring close out from your hygiene teams. 

Air Quality Co2:

This easy-to-use air quality sensor measures PM2.5 & PM10 concentrations in the air. Protect occupants and ensure safety in offices, and production facilities using our CO2 sensors. Trigger alerts if values reach above tolerances and limit people traffic within meeting rooms and shared areas. 

Desk Monitoring:

Hybrid working and hot desking can be supported by using sensors to identify available space for employees coming into the office. Hotdesk sensors can also support On Demand cleaning only focusing hygiene efforts where they are needed.


For Your Comms Room:


Motion Detection Sensors:

Motion detection sensors help to highlight when an area is used and potential security issues by unauthorised personnel. Alerts can be set to only trigger within certain times routing directly to security staff.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors:

Temperature variation is a key factor in Comms room monitoring. Excessive temperature is a good indication that the HVAC or AC is not dissipating heat effectively. High humidity levels impact negatively on IT assets while low humidity levels can lead to electrostatic discharge. 

Leak Detection Sensors:

Leak detection sensors include contact and rope options. The correct sensor will depend on the room size and where water is most likely to pool. Immediately alert if a leak is detected including monitoring resolution.  

Vibration Sensors:

Remotely track vibrations in machines or structures with these plug-&-play sensors. Identify if key equipment is running when expected or identify excessive vibration as a lead indicator of potential equipment failure. 


For Your Assets:


Air Pressure Sensors:

These turnkey sensors measure the pressure difference between two ports.  Common applications include clean rooms, pharmaceutical production, commercial kitchens, and HVAC. Ideal for knowing when filter changes are required. 

Wireless AC Current Meters:

Deploy a Wireless AC Current Meter to remotely monitor power consumption. Get valuable insights on machine health, HVAC performance, or supply issues via current usage. May also be used for submetering.

Wireless Three Phase:

Azolla’s 20A, 150A, and 500A industrial-grade Wireless 3-phase Current Meters remotely monitor power consumption. Ideal for tracking motor health and external power system faults, or economizing machine use without performing additional wiring.

Thermocouple Sensors:

Wireless Thermocouple Sensors are available with a hardwired needle-style probe or K-type quick connector to support various thermocouple types and ranges up to 400°C (752°F). Great for tracking high-temperature processes and machinery. Can also be used in wet or damp environments.


For Your Restrooms:

Soap Sensors:

Monitor if soap dispensers need to be replenished. Azolla allows you to create a complex rule that only notifies cleaning staff if a certain number of soap dispensers need filling reducing the number of unnecessary visits. 

Paper Towel Sensors:

Monitor if paper towel dispensers need to be replenished. Azolla allows you to create a complex rule that only notifies cleaning staff if a certain number of dispensers need filling reducing the number of unnecessary visits. 

Thermopile Sensors:

Using heat detection to monitor traffic to restrooms. People count data can then be used to schedule cleaning staff visits while soap and paper sensors can inform what should be done on a visit. 

Button Press Sensors:

Does the restroom need service? Want to confirm system network performance? Press an on-sensor button to trigger an alert and see the on-unit LED illuminate—know help is on its way or that sensor placement is optimal.

Through Sensors supplied by Azolla, we create an understanding of how your property is used. This data can then be used to correctly provision key services from On-demand cleaning, catering and energy usage.

Azolla is an agnostic data trending tool that allows occupancy data to be trended across time, allowing Facilities Managers to accurately understand their resource and energy needs. What makes Azolla unique is that this data can then be used to dynamically alter the preventative maintenance plan for a site, changing the resource allocation based on demand.  

    Future-proof your business: Our software is built to scale with your needs, accommodating portfolio growth and evolving industry requirements.

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