Acacia Facilities Management Use of Azolla Software 

Acacia Facilities Management is a leading supplier-independent outsourced FM service provider with a proven track record of delivering solutions for diverse organisations.

With a skilled team offering facilities management health & safety, technical maintenance, and project management services, Acacia supports over 100 clients across Ireland, the UK, and the Middle East.

Some of the benefits achieved with Azolla:


Improved Efficiency around planning and digital initiatives to become 100% paperless.


Energy costs have been reduced by 23% in client sites where IOT sensors are deployed.


Engineering time has been freed up to focus on other key issues.


IOT sensors monitoring the network 24/7 reducing the need for manual checking.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Using Innovative Tech to Supercharge Sustainability in the Workplace.

Acacia have implemented an Evergreen Initiative which means engaging with their suppliers, clients, and employees and making them aware of their decarbonisation plan. Acacia create sustainability champions within Acacia through education, training and participation. 

Acacia’s Technical Services department consists of professional engineers and trade-qualified technicians that are highly skilled, customer-focused, and cross-trained across multiple technical disciplines resulting in the provision of industry-leading facilities services management for 100+ clients and sites.

With the management of such a large client base across multiple locations, coordinating technicians without software resulted in inefficiencies, increased meetings, reduced productivity and increased carbon emissions with technicians and staff unnecessary travel to lead efficient client sites.

Increased productivity and reduced costs for client sites
Energy costs have been reduced by solving resource management, scheduling and building usage issues for clients 

Minimisation of waste and the reduced environmental impact. (including travel and timesheet submission). 

Voice of the Customer

“First and foremost, the cost savings have been a major win for us. By incorporating new technologies and sustainable practices, we’ve managed to optimise our client’s energy consumption and resource usage. From reducing energy costs and carbon emissions to enhancing client satisfaction and employee engagement, it has been a catalyst for positive change at every level within our organisation” . 

“On one large client site, with area size of over 30,000 sq m, Azolla has identified ways to reduce their cleaning budget by 18%, savings that came from both labour and reduced consumable use”.  

“The environmental benefit is always a welcome news. This saving translates into €350,000 per annum. It’s always nice to lead with a good news story at our quarterly client review meetings”.

“Through Azolla, we can now link helpdesk tickets from assets, to remote monitoring, preempting safety through our Azolla permit to work system and finally manage supplier uploading of documentation against the asset, all on the Azolla platform”.

 Karen Kelly: Account Manager at Acacia Facilities Management