Azolla IoT Monitoring

Increase the efficiency of your facilities team with sensors to monitor and react to your workplace. Combining accurate real-time data with our industry leading data rules engine. Azolla turns what is usually just a notification based function into an action generating one.

Our team will work with you during the implementation phase to establish acceptable thresholds around Occupancy, Temperature, CO2 and any of the 100s of available options.


Our on-demand cleaning pack has been designed to save time and money while increasing the quality of your cleaning services. Up until now, cleaning schedules are pre-determined and rarely adapted using qualitive data. This means that cleaners are sometimes attending rooms and areas that have not been used while other areas are left unclean for longer periods of time due to an unexpected spike in usage. With our system, your cleaners can be directed to areas requiring their attention in real-time and avoid areas which do not require cleaning.

Occupancy Sensor – Our Multi-directional people counting device  tracks occupancy levels at 95% accuracy rate. We have combined this data with custom occupancy thresholds to create cleaning on-demand.
Smart Soap Dispenser – Never need to check levels of soap in restrooms again with our Smart Soap Dispensers. 
Smart Paper Dispenser – If paper is low, the system will issue a notification and can action a reactive work order to replenish. 

Our plant room monitoring system consists of a multi-sensor setup that uses cross-sensor communication alongside a complex rule system. This ensures your on-site or contracted technical team receive instant concise notifications about any issues in the plant room. 

Temperature Sensor – Monitoring temperatures of supply water pipes.
Carbon Monoxide Sensor – Detects any leaks of toxic fumes.
Power Sensor – Monitoring power to plant room.
Vibration Sensor – Monitoring health of the plant room pumps.

The nerve centre of every business is the Comms Room, it provides access and communications. Variations in conditions can have an adverse effect on the equipment, which can in turn affect your business operations. This is where comms room monitoring solutions can help.

Temperature Sensor – It is of critical importance that you maintain a suitable temperature in your server room to avoid your equipment overheating.
Leak Detection Sensor – The risk of costly water damage can be significantly reduced as any water present will be immediately detected and an alarm raised.
Humidity Sensor – Environmental factors like humidity and have a negative effect on the equipment in your comms room. With this in mind, it is vitally important that you are aware of the conditions within your comms room and that you are maintaining an optimal environment for your servers and networking equipment.