From Passive to Predictive Workplaces. Azolla is the Next Generation in Facilities Management.

Azolla is an IOT Platform that synergises sensor technology seemlessly into a Facilities Management system empowering users to monitor, control and interact with their asset environment.

Built by industry experts, Azolla is packed full of amazing features, all designed to bring data-driven decisions to the FM & Service Delivery sectors.

What’s Different About Azolla Software 

Agnostic Sensor Integration

Azolla is designed to integrate to any sensor using our Application Programme Interface (API) so you are not tied to one sensor Manufacturer.  As you progress on your IT journey you can extend the system to track more equipment and monitor more assets. 

Self Service IoT

Azolla is designed with a self service sensor setup mindset. This means that you as the customer can implement Azolla, including sensor equipment, with little or no assistance. We are here to help of course but you will find your learning curve is exceptionally low. 

Rules Engine

The Azolla Rules Engine allows you to specify how sensor data is to be interpreted and what happens next. If a sensor reaches a certain temperature what happens? You can also build more complex rules allowing you to bring in a number of datastreams together before a decision is made and an action created. 

User Population

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We pride ourselves on developing constructive partnerships with our clients. We help them manage their assets and they help us build the best platform through excellent user feedback.


Azolla is a cloud-based facilities management solution. It includes a powerful, self-service rules engine for automating actions in both simple and complex scenarios, and allows facility owners and operators to retain complete control over their data. Azolla provides IoT sensor starter packs—such as on-demand cleaning and plant room monitoring—that can be self-configured with little to no remote assistance.

On-Demand Cleaning

Our on-demand cleaning pack has been designed to save time and money while increasing the quality of your cleaning services.

Comms Room IoT Pack

Variations in conditions can have an adverse effect on the equipment, which can in turn affect your business operations. 

Plant Room IoT Pack

Our plant room monitoring system consists of a multi-sensor setup that uses cross-sensor communication alongside a complex rule system.

Co2 Monitoring

With air quality being of paramount importance in the post pandemic world. Our Co2 sensors provide action based insights to help staff feel safe on their return.

Asset Management

Easily manage 1000s of assets across your portfolio with smart scheduling and sensor driven predictive maintenance.

Help Desk

Raise tickets using the Azolla interface or through our open API. Tickets can be auto-actioned against categories or high priority locations.

Resource Scheduling

Using our drag and drop scheduler, you can easily build your roster with work being assigned via the mobile app.

Risk Assessments

Conduct full site based risk assessments. Choose from 100s of hazards and control measures and assign actions to Azolla users.

Service Delivery Management

Azolla has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect tool for Maintenance teams. Use Azolla to schedule Preventative Work or Utilise our sensors for more efficient predictive maintenance.

Office Facilities Management

We understand that Facilities and Building Managers live their lives on the go. With this in mind we have built Azolla to be mobile friendly alongside specialised reporting features built for your busy existence.

Healthcare Facilities Management

As a Facilities Manager in a healthcare setting, your job is made more complex by having to factor in patient welfare to every decision. Alongside a robust scheduling system, our on-demand cleaning adds intelligence with sensors. 

Retail Facilities Management

Azolla has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect tool for Maintenance teams. Use Azolla to schedule Preventative Work or utilise our sensors for more efficient predictive maintenance.

Asset Maintenance


As a Maintenance Manager ensuring equipment uptime is a key driver. Azolla ensures equipment is available to Production when required directly impacting the Business’ performance.