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Experience seamless Facilities Management through our software. Track, analyse, and optimise your assets, buildings and team efficiently, unlocking their full potential and ensuring sustained growth in value and operational excellence.”

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The solution that ensures services are delivered when required and in an efficient manner. By helping reduce operational costs and improving compliance with KPIs, Facilities Management organisations are provided with a competitive advantage.

Property Management Excellence.

Our software helps property focused organisations enhance the productivity of their workforce and ensure compliance, all while delivering a high-quality service that provides an excellent customer experience.

Service Delivery software maximising efficiency

Our software helps streamline maintenance operations by scheduling and tracking repairs, managing inventory, and providing valuable insights into equipment performance enabling organisations to make informed decisions and optimise their operations continually.

Connected Facilities Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connectivity of an object with the internet. Today, the implementation of IoT is revolutionising the way the Facilities Management industry carries out its business.

From Passive to Predictive Workplaces. Azolla is the Next Generation in Facilities Management.

Azolla is an IOT Platform that synergises sensor technology seamlessly into a Facilities Management system empowering users to monitor, control and interact with their asset environment.

Built by industry experts, Azolla is packed full of amazing features, all designed to bring data-driven decisions to the FM & Service Delivery sectors.

From Occupancy management to On Demand Cleaning, Comms room monitoring to integration to your BMS, sensor technology pervades every element of our vision for facilities management of the future.

What’s Different About Azolla Software 

Agnostic Sensor Integration

Azolla is designed to integrate to any sensor using our Application Programme Interface (API) so you are not tied to one sensor Manufacturer.  As you progress on your IT journey you can extend the system to track more equipment and monitor more assets. 

Self Service IoT

Azolla is designed with a self service sensor setup mindset. This means that you as the customer can implement Azolla, including sensor equipment, with little or no assistance. We are here to help of course but you will find your learning curve is exceptionally low. 

Rules Engine

The Azolla Rules Engine allows you to specify how sensor data is to be interpreted and what happens next. If a sensor reaches a certain temperature what happens? You can also build more complex rules allowing you to bring in a number of datastreams together before a decision is made and an action created. 

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