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Azolla IOT Comms Room Monitoring

Azolla is a cloud-based IOT platform that helps companies protect their key IT infrastructure.  IT Assets form the backbone of every modern organisation, from storing customer data and internal communication to accessing the outside work. While focusing on technical threats forms a large part of every IT department’s work, physical failure also needs to be addressed. The migration to cloud-based options has greatly reduced physical server infrastructure, but there are still some functions that need a physical presence on site.

Azolla allows IT departments to implement real-time monitoring of their IT environment, protecting the physical infrastructure and monitoring the environmental conditions within each location. From monitoring the room environment to individual rack temperatures, sensor data helps to trigger early warnings to prevent key asset failure, protecting the business’ assets.

Using sensor data, to proactively monitor key infrastructure, helps protect your comms rooms from extreme temperatures, leaks and changes in power usage. It supports business continuity and is a key part of your risk management strategy.

Azolla’s IOT sensors are independent of your IT infrastructure and bypass the single point of failure trap. Alerts are created based on user-definable rules that are presented on the system dashboard, emailed to designated personnel and escalated based on definable Service Level Agreements (SLA). Presented on user-definable dashboards with the ability to trend data, IT Managers have real-time oversight.


Day 1 Benefits

  • Immediate+
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • Real-Time Leak Detection
  • Individual Rack Monitoring
  • 24/7 Real-time Notification Monitoring
  • Instant Visibility of All Locations on a single dashboard

Month 1 Benefits

  • Previous +
  • Trending Analysis
  • Energy Consumption
  • Enhanced Security Monitoring
  • Actionable Data Insights

Year 1 Benefits

  • Previous +
  • Improved  IT Asset Uptimes
  • Improved Response Times to potential Outages
  • Decreased Energy Consumption
  • Integration to BMS/BEMS

How does it work?

The Azolla IOT platform is a modular, event-based software system, that allows users to add IOT sensor data to key assets or locations.  The data generated can then be used to create an event, triggering email warnings or work orders if tolerance values exceed a threshold.

Using the Azolla IOT rule engine, a user can decide to set different warning thresholds for each sensor, deciding on the severity level and when a warning is issued or escalated. Nominated contacts are linked to each alert while the response time is associated with that warning. Using the pre-built escalation process, unacknowledged alerts are escalated to the next point of contact ensuring a timely close-out and adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA). This can be further enhanced using our 24/7 monitored service which actively monitors alerts and contacts the nominated person via phone.

Azolla includes a complex rule engine which can track multiple sensors, triggering warnings based on a combination of sensor alerts. Our system dashboard allows users to access all sensor data in real time, allowing analysis of trended data, as well as the identification of leading indicators of asset failure.


Simple Sensor Monitoring

Our simplest sensor configuration uses room and rack temperature with humidity monitoring along with leak detection. The Azolla system allows both simple and complex rules to be configured, alerting key personnel if any sensor exceeds a threshold. The complex rule element allows users to then look for differences in the temperature between the room and the rack, to further predict potential problems.

Multiple Occupancy Sensors + Azolla

Monitoring backup air conditioning units and ensuring that they run when required is also a valuable monitoring option. 

Additional sensors can be added to also track motion within a comms room raising an alert if the comms room is used outside a certain timeframe. For added security, our Azolla Source video function allows zones within the comms room to be tracked protecting against unauthorised access. 

Full Sensor Suite with 24/7 Monitoring Service

To further enhance the notification functionality, we include 24/7 monitoring where an alert goes directly to our call centre and is proactively closed.

SLAs can be set for both the location of the fault and the type of fault ensuring timely resolution as well as real-time tracking of alert close out.

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