What happens once I sign up?

We understand that adopting a new software tool for managing critical building functions can be a daunting experience. To guide you through the software adoption journey we use a systematic project management approach that incorporates your feedback to guide the process. 

As part of each project we will assign you an on-boarding Project Manager who will walk you through the setup and provide ongoing assistance until you feel completely comfortable with the software.

Project Initiation


The Key to any project is to understand what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s introducing a new system or resolving an issue, you need to define what success looks like.

Project Team

Your Project Team will help you succeed faster and it also removes the problem of associating a new system with a person. Who do you need on the team to succeed? Does it need to be cross-functional? Ideally, if you are introducing a system into a particular department then you should include at least one member on the Team.

System Ownership

Every system needs an owner and this is a key part any project. What department will own the system and who is ultimatley responsible for it? This helps during the move from implementation to support. Incorporating your IT department into this decision is also extremely important.

Project Timeline

It can take longer than you think to get things done. You may also have to balance your current role’s needs while executing the project. Understand how long you have to complete the project as this is often linked to funding. If a project lasts longer than expected then the Project Management time needed goes up.

Invoice Scheduling

Based on the agreed Project timelines an invoicing schedule can be incorporated into key milestone delivery.

Project Risk

Defining your Risk Matrix upfront allows you to understand the potential pitfalls and then to deal with the risks in advance, rather waiting for them to manifest.

Project Success

Sometimes Projects finish based on reaching a goal. By understanding what project success looks like it becomes easier to define how a project ends or if more time is needed to reach the goal. Being able to document the project also allows the project team to be disbanded and reallocated.

Azolla Product Management Approach

On-boarding Process

Our On Boarding process follows a systematic project management approach designed to guide you through process from project setup to go live, in an efficient and helpful way. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve your objectives using the Azolla platform and to have a satisfied client at the end of the project.

Your Azolla Project Manager

Your Azolla PM has completed multiple projects in a variety of industries. This contact will be assigned to you permanently for the duration of the project and will leverage their experience to help you make the right decisions for you and your company.

Streamlined On Boarding Process

Data capture is one of the slowest parts of setting up any system. Using the Azolla Import Programme we can help speed up this process saving valuable time on the project. From importing legacy data to assisting you with the data capture process, Azolla can provide additional resources if needed.

Project Plan

To keep the project on track and to allow you to report progress internally, each project will have it’s own project plan with agreed timelines, responsible persons and dependencies outlined. Commonly referred to as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) we can define what key tasks need to be completed, by whom and by when in order to deliver an outcome.

RACI Matrix

To help move the process along we identify who is responsible for each task alongside the development of communications processes to keep key decision makers and stakeholders informed about progress.

Training Matrix

A Training Matrix is created for each project which leads to a training plan. This plan identifies the key users of the system, their training need and how they will be trained.


Change Control

All projects need to manage some element of change. Agreeing on the change control process helps to ensure that everything is agreed upon upfront and not at the end of the project.


Sign Off

Each project has its own Statement of Work which clearly identifies the project deliverables, timelines, resource requirements and all the elements identified here. Our Client is intimately involved in its creation and in agreement before we begin. So the control for each project is shared and success maximised.

Software Setup

Setup the System

Setting you up on the Azolla Software is simple, fast and user friendly.

Creating a Site

Azolla is a Multi-tenant cloud-based system. Setting up your site and user rights is a simple and fast process. You don’t need to worry about a lot of IT related questions.

Data Entry

Data can be entered via excel and ported into Azolla. This speeds up the data capture process. Data on Assets, Locations and Preventative Maintenance task lists need to be gathered. We have standard checks for common assets which can be leveraged to help this element of the project.

Integrating Sensors

If you have purchased one of our sensor packs then these can be installed in person or remotely depending on your preference. Sensor data is then linked to an asset or a location. Using our Rule Engine we can then help you interpret this data and decide what happens if a sensor reaches a certain threshold.

App Setup

You can create, receive and close work on the Azolla app. Using our role based security we can work through what you want each user to be able to do.


Azolla includes tabular reporting, dashboards and a notification dashboard to allow you to communicate and report on your data. If you need specific reports then we can build these with you to ensure you get the system you need.

Training Plan

A training plan is created for each project outlining who needs what training and when. We can perform remote or in-person training depending on your specific scenario. As with all training, reinforcement is key. We have regular check-ins with you once you go live to embed best practice and if you need more training that can be arranged.

Project Phases 

Project Go-Live

Azolla can be rolled out in a phased basis or in one go. The benefit of a phased approach is that it gives you a chance to learn as you go, understand the system objections and get user feedback.

Lessons Learned

As part of the project close out we ask you to rate the project, evaluate where we did well and where we could have done more for you. This helps us to improve our delivery to you.

Support Phase

Once you go live your project moves to the support phase. Azolla is monitored 24/7 with system uptime of 99.99% availability. Your data is secure and segregated. All support calls are responded to, prioritised and resolved according to our Service Level agreement (SLA)  with you.

Voice of the Customer

Your feedback is important to us. As you use Azolla you will get new insights. Your insights help to shape the product over time. Some of these suggestions may be incorporated into the Product Roadmap and be released to you in the future.

Product Roadmap

Azolla is being developed all the time. We publish our Product Roadmap in advance so you can see what new features are coming. As part of the benefits you will receive all new features automatically.

Customer Success Management

To help you use Azolla and to educate you on new features we check-in with you quarterly, review your use of the system and make recommendations. Any feedback is welcome and apprecitated. Of course you don’t have to wait, we are here now to talk.

Stay in Contact

We value our customer relationships. We use a Key Account Management model to regularly touchbase with you and ensure that everything is going well.

Customer Success Management

We learn by doing and listening to the Customer

User Population

Sites mobilised for clients

Assets Added

Active Sensor Data Points