Azolla strengthens partnership with Microsoft and showcases facilities management software on Azure Marketplace

Azolla has extended its partnership with Microsoft, listing its specialist facilities management solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Azolla’s software is now available via Azure Marketplace, which showcases a wide range of applications and services from industry-leading companies.

The Azolla web and mobile app comprises CAFM, Internet of Things (IoT) and asset management features. Underpinned by sensor technology and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, it enables users to monitor, control and interact with their asset environment.

We’re delighted to have extended our partnership with Microsoft by showcasing our facilities management solution on Azure Marketplace.

“The marketplace is a trusted and widely recognised platform, and our listing will make Azolla’s transformative software visible and available to new customers.”

Azolla’s software (which is suitable for service delivery, office, healthcare, retail, manufacturing property and facilities management) has been hosted solely on the Microsoft Azure platform since 2017. 

“We chose to partner with Azure primarily because it is a leading cloud computing platform, and offers a wide range of benefits and services for our customers.

“Azure’s highly scalable infrastructure means that users can easily scale their applications and services up or down, depending on demand. With its vast network of global data centres, it can serve customers in different regions, guaranteeing low latency access.

“It is also reliable and ensures high availability, while its rigorous security standards and compliance certifications make our software suitable for customers in industries that require robust data protection and regulatory compliance.”

Azure’s integrated eco-system simplifies the development, deployment and management of this software, and supports multiple programming languages and frameworks.

Thanks to the platform, Azolla’s customers also benefit from hybrid cloud capabilities (enabling them to integrate their on-premises infrastructure with the cloud), advanced analytics and AI, and the ability to integrate their FM software with existing Microsoft products, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

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