Making IOT Work for the Customer

Service Delivery Management

As a Service Provider your job is to support a wide portfolio of clients in multiple locations with both planned and reactive specialist services. 

Resourcing, planning, scheduling, requesting access to site, performing inductions. All these activities must happen before the work has even started. 

Ensuring that work completed is documented correctly, all costs captured and an invoice with service report is sent to the client for approval completes the process. 

With Azolla you can manage your asset portfolio across multiple locations in one system. Imagine however that instead of waiting for the client to ring you with a problem that you arrive on site to fix it before it happens. This is what sensor technology and the Azolla AI can help you with. 

Why we are different

Azolla allows you to implement a Facilities Management system capable of planning your day-to-day operations in real-time. By incorporating your planned maintenance programme with the real-time monitoring capabilities from IOT sensor technology, Azolla allows you to monitor multiple locations in real-time 24/7, alerting key staff as and when required.

The Azolla scheduling module allows you to plan visits to the site, automatically check insurance details, organise permit to work and attach service reports. Reactive work can be routed automatically to nominated staff or contractors based on the type of work or the location of the problem. By integrating sensor technology or data from your Building Management System (BMS), this work can be generated and stored in one place.

Using the Azolla App, staff can access their work on the move, make recommendations and file their paperwork electronically. Where external contractors are used, work can be sent and responded to via email and then Azolla can be updated based on the email response.

What we do

We make implementing a Service Maintenance Model easy, lower the administration costs and reduce the unproductive time filling in paperwork.


Scheduling & IOT

Azolla allows you to implement the Preventative Maintenance plans agreed with each client all on one system. Work can be allocated to different groups, deployed via the app and closed seamlessly. 

Sensors can be linked to hard assets, monitoring performance and prompting early intervention if required. These sensors can also track equipment usage which can be used to efficiently maintain equipment and prevent over maintenance of assets.

IOT and AI

Data from Sensors can be trended over time and the Azolla rules engine that interprets the data can be changed by the end user as you learn.

The Azolla rules engine allows for complex rules to be created so you can use more than one data point to make decisions.

The other benefit is you can optimise your maintenance strategy over time based on real time data rather than a hunch.


Paperless Maintenance

Using the Azolla App users can create work requests, complete work on the move including task lists and access data related to their equipment. Recommendations for follow-up action on PM’s can be suggested by the engineer or technician and these can be converted automatically to work requests. 

The result is a truly paperless system that minimises the administration overhead of running a maintenance system but provides the data needed to make better decisions and ensure compliance. 



Allows Staff and Product to raise requests through a PC or Phone, automatically routing high priority requests to the correct team member. For Breakdowns the request can automatically be sent to the correct Technician. 

Health & Safety

Permits can be completed electronically with the acknowledgement and verification process occurring within email. Permits are linked to work orders, method statements can be attached and the administration approval process simplified.

Our Risk Assessment module allows risks to be identified based on task and locations, identify at risk people and email corrective actions to those responsible. 


Using the timesheets module available on the Azolla App, staff can log their time on site along with associated miscellaneous costs and travel time.  This reduces the administration time associated with each technician freeing up their time for paid work. It also ensures that invoices are sent to clients in a timely way. 

Customer Success Management

We learn by doing and listening to the Customer

User Population

Sites mobilised for clients

Assets Added

Active Sensor Data Points

Return on Investment

The Key to implementing a maintenance system is to understand the problem you are trying to fix. 

Implementing a maintenance system like Azolla leads to a 10-15% improvement in labour utilisation.

Using the Azolla Timesheets module your staff can log time against clients while on site. The cost saving equates to €6,000 per user per year or 11%.

Allowing staff to electronically close work removes paper from the process along with double handling and duplicate entry of data. 

  • Planning Benefit – 10-15%
  • Reduced Administration time – €6,000 Per User per Year 11%
  • Head Office Admin Saving 25%
  • Be Compliant and Audit Ready- 100%