Facilities management is a broad industry that offers modest wages and smooth entry points. With the growing population, industrialisation, and urbanisation, more and more buildings are springing up all around the world and in every city. Now, industries are also set up in rural areas. It means that there are better chances to build a prolific career in the fast-growing facilities management sector.

In this post, we will guide you about the wide range of available facilities management disciplines so you can get started easily. Plus, we will also tell you how to move from one step and advance to the next one.

So, let’s begin!

A quick highlight of facilities management

Facilities management, commonly known as FM consists of various disciplines that collectively work together to maintain many activities such as balancing the supply and demand of different services as well as supplies and equipment. In simple words, we can say that it is about the coordination of technology, places, people and processes. From schools and offices to government organisations and nonprofits, facilities management is essential for every sector these days.

The term “facility” in facility management indicates anything physical that is installed for any particular purpose. This term can also point towards the basic hardware equipment and facilities such as air equipment, lighting fixtures as well as central heating. Other than hardware, it can also refer to staff management, security services and grounds maintenance that are non-equipment resources.

Careers in facility management

There are a wide variety of services that come under the category of facilities management such as:

  • Cleaning, that comes to the mind whenever we hear the work FM. Grounds keeping and janitorial services are crucial for the maintenance of a property and keeping it in a good form. Keeping the environment clean and disposing of waste promotes a healthy work environment.
  • Hardware maintenance also comes under FM as it plays the most important role in an office environment. Maintaining everything from smoke detectors to lift systems is the responsibility of the FM provider.
  • The next discipline of FM is a safe and healthy environment that revolves around the maintenance of environmentally friendly and sustainable workstations. For instance, clean quality of air and carbon footprint falls under this discipline.
  • Then we have space management discipline that takes care of frequent changes in a workspace such as the expansion of space or movement of a facility to a new location.
  • Transportation is also an emerging discipline that comes under FM. From moving the staff to transporting the equipment to any new location, FM plays a vital role.
  • Security services also fall under FM companies. The services in this area include inspection of central alarms, preventing glitches in the security systems and doors, repairing and tracking key cards as well as managing security cameras and their operations.
  • Fire safety is another discipline that revolves around the prevention of fires and building safety. It also includes strategic planning of designing escape routes, availability of fire wardens on every floor and managing escape doors.

The incomes of FM depend upon many factors from your experience to the type of discipline you are working in. Overall, it is a great field and can be the best career path you can choose.

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