Making IOT Work for the Customer

healthcare Facilities 

As a Facilities Manager in a healthcare setting your job is made more complex by having to factor in patient welfare to every decision. In the post Covid world, this has become even more demanding.

Azolla helps Facilities Managers manage both hard and soft services along with the ability to risk assess each job, plan the contractor visit and store service reports. Contractors can be issued Permits for work while our Supplier Management module checks insurance details.

With our sensor technology, Azolla leverages technology to provide real time monitoring of your facility allowing you to implement On Demand Cleaning, including the ability to notify hygiene teams remotely. CO2 monitoring allows you to help reduce the sources of infection while paper and towel sensors in toilet areas help to promote hygiene levels. 

All work is recorded on the Azolla system helping to support auditability and regulatory audits.

Why we are different

Azolla was built by Facilities Managers for Facilities Managers providing a software solution that incorporates planned and reactive maintenance with sensor technology at its core.  

Contractor visits can be scheduled electronically along with reviewing method statements or issue permits where appropriate. Azolla tracks insurance renewal, as well as any supporting documentation needed to visit the hospital, ensuring that only approved contractors are used. 

Using the Azolla App, staff can access their work on the move, complete statutory checks or make recommendations, filing everything electronically. This reduces the administration time needed while also enhancing traceability and providing real time reporting.

General hospital staff can report work or areas needing attention on line or via their phones, removing the need for a 24/7 helpdesk. Certain reactive work can also be routed to third party contractors automatically without helpdesk approval. While the escalation process ensures that if the contact person or contractor doesn’t respond promptly then a key contact can be notified. 

Using technology to help implement On Demand Cleaning also helps to prioritise key areas in the hospital or those with high traffic. Implementing sensor technology can also help to predict asset failure minimising the negative impact and potentially preventing the issue altogether. 

What we do

Azolla was built by Facilities Managers for Facilities Managers. Technology serves best when it is understood by those creating it.

Scheduling & IOT

Azolla allows you to manage hard and soft planned maintenance activities using the scheduler. Contractor visits can scheduled via email ensuring the contractor is notifed in advance.

Sensors can be linked to hard assets, monitoring performance and prompting early intervention if required.

On Demand Cleaning

On Demand cleaning brings a new level of cost efficiency and improvements in hygiene effectiveness. Using the Azolla IOT module, the entire building can be monitored in real time. From tracking area usage, linking in sensor data tracking hygiene issues to automatically alerting cleaning staff. The entire process can be automated.

Occupancy Management & CO2

Using Sensor technology to monitor room usage coupled with temperature and CO2 monitoring helps ensure everyone is kept comfortable and safe. Sensor data can be trended to ensure key assets are only used when needed and energy costs minimsed.


Allow Staff to raise requests through a PC or Phone, automatically routing high priority requests to the correct FM team member.

SLA management and the Azolla escalation engine ensures requests aren’t ignored and services levels adhered to.

Health & Safety

Permits can be sent directly to the contractor with the acknowledgement and verification process occurring within email.

Permits are linked to work orders, method statements can be attached and the administration approval process simplified.

Our Risk Assessment module allows risks to be identified, corrective actions to be issued, tracked and closed.

Supplier & Contractor Management

A complete register of contractors and Suppliers along with the ability to store documentation and set renewal reminders notifying the contractor if documentation is out of date.

The Supplier Self Service Portal allows contractors and suppliers to submit documentation for review on line.

Customer Success Management

We learn by doing and listening to the Customer

User Population

Sites mobilised for clients

Assets Added

Active Sensor Data Points

REturn on Investment

It is possible to lower costs by adopting best practice.

Moving to an On Demand cleaning model lowers costs by targeting resources where the need is most.

Occupancy Management allows you to plan resources around building usage as well as lower energy and catering costs.

An Unplanned Maintenance job is 3-5 times more expensive than a planned Job. Costs are lowered by lower overtime and contractor call out charges. 

Using sensor technology to monitor equipment in real time lowers callout charges while allowing for earlier resolution of issues. 

  • On Demand Cleaning Model Lower Cleaning Costs by- 20%
  • Occupancy Management helps to lower Catering Costs -12%
  • Planned Maintenance Model lowers Overtime and Contractor Costs – 20%
  • Sensor Monitoring Lowers Call out charges by – 8%