If you are looking for some good pieces of advice regarding setting up your company’s FM strategy then you have landed on the right page. Without wasting even a minute of your precious time, we will directly take you to the best FM strategies you can adopt to stay competitive and keep on evolving in the fastest growing facility management industry!

Here are 5 tips for facilities managers so that they can stay competitive in the fast-growing facility management industry.

Tip#1: Do not focus on entirely on cost savings but on value creation too.

If we look back in history, it is evident that the success rate of facility management always relied on costs, profits and how to achieve more for less. Although, cost-cutting is important and it will keep on dominating the agenda but as a strategic planner, you need to look for new and better ways to create more value for the stakeholders as well as workspace inhabitants.

Tip#2: Look for sustainable solutions

You must be aware of the fact that around 40% of global energy use revolves around buildings. It means that sustainability is a crucial strategic topic in facility management as well as in the corporate real estate sector.
Nowadays, the responsibility of waste management, recycling, energy management, water consumption, health, and safety as well as carbon footprint management goes to the facility managers out there. Chances are that these responsibilities will continue to grow more in the years to come.

That is why, when setting up your company’s facility management, you must focus on developing sustainable solutions.

Tip#3: Enhance the use of space

As a facility manager, you must be aware that more space means more cost. With the growing technology, we all are moving towards such a working environment where we have mobile and virtual workers. Knowing this, we can develop such workplaces where we have new and better ways of working that can result in cost savings.

Flexible and distributed workstations, as well as mobile workspace approach, are good ways of maximizing the value and saving the cost.

Tip#4: Influence Technology

As we are moving towards 2020, facility managers will add more technology in their strategies and service offerings in order to remain competitive.
The basic idea of a virtual workplace falls under the category of facility management and that is why the facility managers should focus on them in their service offering.
There are many ways in which technology is useful but the most important two reasons are:

  • It has a huge impact on our performance and place of work
  • It is making the workspaces flexible

Tip#5: Focus on delivering personalized services

As most of the buildings are similar that is why facility managers are focusing on offering standardized services irrespective of the demands of the customers. However, to remain competitive, this trend needs to be changed.

Facility managers should now focus more on the creation of personalized services to promote new ways of working.

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