Making IOT Work for the Customer

Azolla IOT Comms Room Monitoring

Azolla allows IT departments to implement real-time monitoring of their IT environment, protecting the physical infrastructure and monitoring the environmental conditions within each location. From monitoring the room environment to individual rack temperatures, sensor data helps to trigger early warnings to prevent key asset failure, protecting the business’ assets.

Azolla’s IOT sensors are independent of your IT infrastructure and bypass the single point of failure trap. Alerts are created based on user-definable rules that are presented on the system dashboard, emailed to designated personnel and escalated based on definable Service Level Agreements (SLA). Presented on user-definable dashboards with the ability to trend data, IT Managers have real-time oversight.

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Day 1 Benefits

  • Immediate+
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • Real-Time Leak Detection
  • Individual Rack Monitoring
  • 24/7 Real-time Notification Monitoring
  • Visibility of All Locations on a Single Dashboard

Month 1 Benefits

  • Previous +
  • Trending Analysis
  • Energy Consumption
  • Enhanced Security Monitoring
  • Actionable Data Insights
  • Service Level Agreement

Year 1 Benefits

  • Previous +
  • Improved¬† IT Asset Availability
  • Improved Response Times to potential Outages
  • Decreased Energy Consumption
  • Integration to BMS/BEMS

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